Illinois Has the Worst Overall Tax Rate in the U.S.

Laura Fine Voted Twice to Raise Taxes by Over 32%

Evanston, IL, June 7th, 2018 –  “With the close of the legislative session last week, taxpayers heard the door slam on their cry for lower taxes,” said Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for the State Senate, District 9.  In 2017, Joan’s opponent, Laura Fine voted in the State House, not once, but also a second time after the Governor vetoed it, to successfully hike the personal income tax rate by 32% on our families.  The legislature, including Speaker Mike Madigan and Laura Fine, failed to reduce that 32% hike this year when they had the chance to do so.

Joan McCarthy Lasonde is “An Independent Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First” and in the State Senate her priorities will include reducing this and other tax burdens for the hardworking families in her legislative District.  Joan continued, “Everyone who lives here, and even those who have already moved out of the state because of our taxes, know taxes are too high for hard-working families. It’s not a surprise WalletHub declared us worst in the nation. But it is a distinction we should not be proud of.”

This past March, WalletHub, a personal finance website, compared state and local tax rates in the 50 states and the District of Columbia against national medians and found Illinois dead last, the worst among all states, plus Washington D.C.  (Source:, March 13, 2018)

Their study utilized five categories defining taxation impacts, assuming a median U.S. Household of $ 55,754.00 and they determined the “Effective Total State and Local Tax Rates on Median” households in Illinois is 14.89 percent” while the national average is 10.78%.  However, according to the median income in Illinois is actually $ 88,300.00, over $ 32,000 more than the median in the Wallethub study, increasing the negative impact on Illinois taxpayers.

Joan McCarthy Lasonde closed by saying, “With the Madigan-Fine team now promoting the progressive tax in Illinois, it is clear the taxpayers in Illinois’ 9th State Senate District need a Senator who listens to their concerns and will fight to lower their taxes.  I will be that Senator, and I invite you to read more about my priorities for hard working taxpayers and families at