“Balance the Budget and Put Taxpayers First”

“Balance the Budget and Put Taxpayers First”
Joan McCarthy Lasonde to State Representative Laura Fine

September 4th, 2018, Evanston, IL….Today, at the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Candidate Interview, Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for State Senate, challenged (see attachment) her opponent, State Rep. Laura Fine, to lead by example to actually balance the state’s budget and put taxpayers first.

After six years of Laura Fine working under Mike Madigan in Springfield, things have only gotten worse: families are leaving Illinois, Fine has never passed a balanced budget, the state’s credit rating is almost junk level and just last summer, Fine voted for the largest permanent tax hike in Illinois history. “Her name is Fine, but her record is Wrong.”

So far Laura Fine’s legislative record tells us she has not refused a state pension, she has not refused the automatic COLA pay raises state legislators gave themselves, and for six years she keeps accepting her government paycheck even though she has not done her job, which is to balance the state budget. Joan said, “Unfortunately today Laura Fine reiterated she is against term limits for herself, and she has yet to sign the challenge.”

Joan McCarthy Lasonde has signed the challenge is leading by example agreeing to do the following:
1) I will refuse a government pension, and sponsor legislation to end pensions for part-time elected officials.
2) I will refuse lifetime taxpayer paid for healthcare (provided after 8 years in office), and will sponsor legislation to end this practice.
3) I will sponsor legislation to stop automatic pay raises for part-time legislators, so legislators have to go on record with their vote.
4) I will only serve two terms in the State Senate, and will sponsor legislation to enact term limits.
5) I will work to enact a constitutional amendment by means of a statewide referendum to enforce No Budget/No Pay. (IL courts ruled this unconstitutional.)

This Tuesday, November 6th, it is time for taxpayers in the 9th State Senate district to vote “no” on Mike Madigan and Laura Fine, “Her name is Fine, but her record is Wrong” and instead vote for Joan McCarthy Lasonde for State Senate, an “Independent Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First.”