Joan McCarthy Lasonde for State Senate

Joan McCarthy Lasonde for State Senate

An Independent Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First

In the State Senate, Joan will fight to

 1) Balance the State Budget

  • Get government spending under control
  • Work to fix the pension crisis
  • Cut government waste & streamline duplicative services to re-prioritize spending to help those who truly need it:
    • Advocate for the 18,000+ kids in IL DCFS Foster Care, including 3,000+ of whom are waiting for a forever family
    • Provide the services our seniors need and deserve
    • Help our Veterans – they fought for us, Joan will fight for them
    • Provide support to our mentally ill

2) Reduce Our Taxes

  • Roll back the Laura Fine/Mike Madigan 32% income tax hike, the largest permanent tax increase in state history
  • Freeze property taxes

3) End the Corruption of Insider Politicians

Joan will lead by example and sponsor legislation to:

  • End pensions for part-time elected officials – Joan will not take a government pension
  • Put an end to lifetime taxpayer paid for healthcare for elected legislators (after 8 years in office)
  • Stop automatic pay raises for part-time legislators — Joan will sponsor legislation to end this practice
  • Enact term limits – Joan will only serve 2 terms
  • Propose a constitutional amendment, even if it needs a statewide referendum to enforce No Budget/No Pay (ruled unconstitutional by the courts)