“Elected” Fine Voted for Illinois’ Largest Permanent Tax Hike

“Elected” Fine Voted for Illinois’ Largest Permanent Tax Hike

After “Candidate” Fine Said Voters “cannot afford more tax increases”

Evanston, IL, October 3rd, 2018 – Back in 2012 when Laura Fine first ran for State Representative, as a candidate, Fine said: “People in our area cannot afford more tax increases”. (Source:  Patch.com 9-17-12)

But unfortunately, Fine did raise our taxes. Fine’s Record is WRONG.  In Springfield, after winning election, Fine voted to raise our taxes, including voting for the largest permanent tax hike – 32% — in Illinois’ history.  In fact, Fine liked this tax hike so much she voted for it twice.  The first time for the legislation to pass, and the second time to override the Governor’s veto. (Source:  ilga.gov)

Joan McCarthy Lasonde, Fine’s opponent said, “This is an exact example of what is wrong with state government.  Fine says one thing here at home and then does another in Springfield when taxpayers don’t see what she is doing.  Laura Fine is forcing taxpayers to pay higher taxes for her and Speaker Madigan’s failure to do their job to balance the state budget and get spending under control.  Enough is enough.  Voters deserve to know the truth about Laura Fine’s record and voters deserve elected leaders who put them first.”

Lasonde concluded, “The facts are clear.  Fine’s record is wrong for taxpayers.  I am an independent leader and as the next State Senator from the 9thDistrict, I will put taxpayers firstby working to balance the state budget, freeze property taxes, roll back the Laura Fine/Madigan 32% tax increase and fight to end corruption.”

More information can be found at JoanforIllinois.com