“Elected” Fine Voted for Illinois’ Largest Permanent Tax Hike

“Elected” Fine Voted for Illinois’ Largest Permanent Tax Hike

After “Candidate” Fine Said Voters “cannot afford more tax increases”

Evanston, IL, October 3rd, 2018 – Back in 2012 when Laura Fine first ran for State Representative, as a candidate, Fine said: “People in our area cannot afford more tax increases”. (Source:  Patch.com 9-17-12)

But unfortunately, Fine did raise our taxes. Fine’s Record is WRONG.  In Springfield, after winning election, Fine voted to raise our taxes, including voting for the largest permanent tax hike – 32% — in Illinois’ history.  In fact, Fine liked this tax hike so much she voted for it twice.  The first time for the legislation to pass, and the second time to override the Governor’s veto. (Source:  ilga.gov)

Joan McCarthy Lasonde, Fine’s opponent said, “This is an exact example of what is wrong with state government.  Fine says one thing here at home and then does another in Springfield when taxpayers don’t see what she is doing.  Laura Fine is forcing taxpayers to pay higher taxes for her and Speaker Madigan’s failure to do their job to balance the state budget and get spending under control.  Enough is enough.  Voters deserve to know the truth about Laura Fine’s record and voters deserve elected leaders who put them first.”

Lasonde concluded, “The facts are clear.  Fine’s record is wrong for taxpayers.  I am an independent leader and as the next State Senator from the 9thDistrict, I will put taxpayers firstby working to balance the state budget, freeze property taxes, roll back the Laura Fine/Madigan 32% tax increase and fight to end corruption.”

More information can be found at JoanforIllinois.com

Joan McCarthy Lasonde Earns Corey Brooks’ Endorsement

Joan McCarthy Lasonde Earns Corey Brooks’ Endorsement

“Joan is exactly the kind of independent leader we need.”

Evanston, IL, October 2nd, 2018 –  A pastor, businessman, philanthropist, mentor and spiritual coach, Corey Brooks Sr., endorses Joan for State Senate in the 9thDistrict saying, “Joan McCarthy Lasonde’s years of dedication and hard work on behalf of foster children and the underprivileged prove she is exactly the kind of independent leader we need in the State Senate fighting for our families.”

Corey continued, “With Joan in Springfield, all our families win.  That is why I am endorsing Joan and I ask you to join me in supporting her.  Please vote for Joan Lasonde for State Senate on Tuesday, November 6th.”

Thankful for the endorsement from Corey, Joan said, “To receive the endorsement of a man so dedicated to helping others, especially our youth, is so very inspiring.” Joan continued, “Serving in the State Senate will enable me to do even more work to help others, starting with balancing our budget to reprioritize state spending to make sure those who need our help, get our help.”

“Balance the Budget and Put Taxpayers First”

“Balance the Budget and Put Taxpayers First”
Joan McCarthy Lasonde to State Representative Laura Fine

September 4th, 2018, Evanston, IL….Today, at the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Candidate Interview, Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for State Senate, challenged (see attachment) her opponent, State Rep. Laura Fine, to lead by example to actually balance the state’s budget and put taxpayers first.

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Joan McCarthy Lasonde for State Senate

Joan McCarthy Lasonde for State Senate

An Independent Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First

In the State Senate, Joan will fight to

 1) Balance the State Budget

  • Get government spending under control
  • Work to fix the pension crisis
  • Cut government waste & streamline duplicative services to re-prioritize spending to help those who truly need it:
    • Advocate for the 18,000+ kids in IL DCFS Foster Care, including 3,000+ of whom are waiting for a forever family
    • Provide the services our seniors need and deserve
    • Help our Veterans – they fought for us, Joan will fight for them
    • Provide support to our mentally ill

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E Pluribus Unum = Out of the Many, One.

Happy Independence Day, Thank You to Our Service Women and Men

Evanston, IL, July 4th, 2018 –  Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for the State Senate, wishes all a happy and healthy Fourth of July.  Joan, who is walking in several local area parades today stated, “Most important today is to thank our service women and men, both veterans and active duty, for their dedication and service, including the all too many who gave their lives so that we enjoy the freedoms we do.  We must also celebrate their families, for when one serves, the family serves.”

Joan stated, “Our country’s motto is:  E Pluribus Unum.  Translated from Latin it reads:  Out of many, one.” At the time, our thirteen colonies joined together to become a single nation.  I think it is a good reminder these days that we can, and should, all come together and work together for the better good. Now more than ever we need our political leaders to put partisan politics aside and reach across the aisle to work with each other.  First and foremost we are all neighbors and we all want a better Illinois.”

Joan closed by saying, “Be safe and enjoy the 4th, for we really do live in the greatest country, and we have all our Veterans to thank for this.”

Illinois Has the Worst Overall Tax Rate in the U.S.

Laura Fine Voted Twice to Raise Taxes by Over 32%

Evanston, IL, June 7th, 2018 –  “With the close of the legislative session last week, taxpayers heard the door slam on their cry for lower taxes,” said Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for the State Senate, District 9.  In 2017, Joan’s opponent, Laura Fine voted in the State House, not once, but also a second time after the Governor vetoed it, to successfully hike the personal income tax rate by 32% on our families.  The legislature, including Speaker Mike Madigan and Laura Fine, failed to reduce that 32% hike this year when they had the chance to do so. Read More