Fix Illinois' Budget Crisis NOW!

Illinois has the lowest credit rating among all the states. This should not be!  Illinois did not have a state budget for two full years before this year, and the backlog of unpaid bills rose to over $ 15 billion dollars. This debt has since been cut in half, not because our state legislature including my opponent State Representative Laura Fine did their job, but rather because Fine, Madigan and the others forced us, the hardworking taxpayers to pay 32% higher taxes to make-up for their failure to do their jobs.

On top of Fine/Madigan’s 32% tax hike, this year’s budget is an election year gimmick.  A “balanced” budget is not balanced when it is contingent on something happening, such as selling the Thompson Center for $300 million dollars, which has not happened in the last three years.  Even former Governor Rod Blagojevich couldn’t sell it.

Enough is enough.  Laura Fine has been in the State Legislature for 6 years, 3 terms, and she has failed at her job and failed taxpayers.  Neither she nor her fellow insider politicians, like Speaker Madigan, look for ways to reduce spending – which can be done without cutting programs or services.  There is waste and fraud which must be rooted out. Instead of reducing spending, Fine and Madigan just raise our taxes.  

As your next state senator, I will work with both Democrats and Republicans to pass a real balanced budget.