When I’m Your State Senator, I will fight to:

End Pensions for Part-Time Legislators.

I will not take a government pension.

Too many insider politicians are taking hefty pensions from their part-time service. Some are taking multiple pensions. This is wrong.  Part-time politicians do not deserve a pension.  This is especially true for Illinois’ legislators who hiked our taxes 32% to pay for state pension.

As your State Senator, I will not take a government pension so those monies can be used to help pay down Illinois’ $ 130 billion dollar debt.

Enact Term Limits

House Speaker Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton have been in Springfield for a combined 86 years.   My opponent Laura Fine, has been there for 6 years.  The result: Illinois is on the brink of financial collapse. It’s time for new energy and fresh ideas. Term limits will return the power back to the people — the people like you and me — who actually pay the politicians’ salaries.

As your State Senator, I will term limit myself to two legislative terms.

Enforce Fair Maps

In Illinois, less than half of the state legislative races are contested because insider politicians have created a power structure which allows them to pick their voters/legislative districts, creating safe districts for themselves. This puts politicians before people and it must be stopped.  Voters should pick their legislators, not the other way around.

As your State Senator, I will vote for a non-partisan process to enforce fair maps.