Illinois has a spending problem.  Now we also have a revenue problem as a result of over 30,000 people leaving the state.

Our elected leaders must cut wasteful government spending, streamline our resources, and consolidate duplicative agencies — so that the truly needy and most vulnerable citizens receive the help and support they need.

We need to implement pro-growth reforms that bring people and businesses back to our state, which in turn, increases the tax payrolls. Manufacturing has been leaving Illinois for the last decade because of too much red tape and skyrocketing taxes. When jobs leave, people and families leave with them.

Last summer, my opponent, Laura Fine, teamed up with her boss Madigan to pass a record 32% personal income tax increase on us. It is the largest tax hike in Illinois’ history!  

As your next State Senator, I will work to roll back the Laura Fine/Mike Madigan 32% personal income tax hike.