“Balance the Budget and Put Taxpayers First”
Joan McCarthy Lasonde to State Representative Laura Fine

September 4th, 2018, Evanston, IL….Today, at the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Candidate Interview, Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for State Senate, challenged (see attachment) her opponent, State Rep. Laura Fine, to lead by example to actually balance the state’s budget and put taxpayers first.

After six years of Laura Fine working under Mike Madigan in Springfield, things have only gotten worse: families are leaving Illinois, Fine has never passed a balanced budget, the state’s credit rating is almost junk level and just last summer, Fine voted for the largest permanent tax hike in Illinois history. “Her name is Fine, but her record is Wrong.”

So far Laura Fine’s legislative record tells us she has not refused a state pension, she has not refused the automatic COLA pay raises state legislators gave themselves, and for six years she keeps accepting her government paycheck even though she has not done her job, which is to balance the state budget. Joan said, “Unfortunately today Laura Fine reiterated she is against term limits for herself, and she has yet to sign the challenge.”

Joan McCarthy Lasonde has signed the challenge is leading by example agreeing to do the following:
1) I will refuse a government pension, and sponsor legislation to end pensions for part-time elected officials.
2) I will refuse lifetime taxpayer paid for healthcare (provided after 8 years in office), and will sponsor legislation to end this practice.
3) I will sponsor legislation to stop automatic pay raises for part-time legislators, so legislators have to go on record with their vote.
4) I will only serve two terms in the State Senate, and will sponsor legislation to enact term limits.
5) I will work to enact a constitutional amendment by means of a statewide referendum to enforce No Budget/No Pay. (IL courts ruled this unconstitutional.)

This Tuesday, November 6th, it is time for taxpayers in the 9th State Senate district to vote “no” on Mike Madigan and Laura Fine, “Her name is Fine, but her record is Wrong” and instead vote for Joan McCarthy Lasonde for State Senate, an “Independent Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First.”

Joan McCarthy Lasonde for State Senate

An Independent Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First

In the State Senate, Joan will fight to

 1) Balance the State Budget

  • Get government spending under control
  • Work to fix the pension crisis
  • Cut government waste & streamline duplicative services to re-prioritize spending to help those who truly need it:
    • Advocate for the 18,000+ kids in IL DCFS Foster Care, including 3,000+ of whom are waiting for a forever family
    • Provide the services our seniors need and deserve
    • Help our Veterans – they fought for us, Joan will fight for them
    • Provide support to our mentally ill

2) Reduce Our Taxes

  • Roll back the Laura Fine/Mike Madigan 32% income tax hike, the largest permanent tax increase in state history
  • Freeze property taxes

3) End the Corruption of Insider Politicians

Joan will lead by example and sponsor legislation to:

  • End pensions for part-time elected officials – Joan will not take a government pension
  • Put an end to lifetime taxpayer paid for healthcare for elected legislators (after 8 years in office)
  • Stop automatic pay raises for part-time legislators — Joan will sponsor legislation to end this practice
  • Enact term limits – Joan will only serve 2 terms
  • Propose a constitutional amendment, even if it needs a statewide referendum to enforce No Budget/No Pay (ruled unconstitutional by the courts)


Lasonde vows to repeal last year’s tax hike, seeks to find home for every foster child

Joan McCarthy Lasonde is on a mission and is determined not to let anyone stop her.

The Republican candidate for Illinois state Senate District 9 and longtime foster parent recently took to Facebook to share a few of her goals.  Read more here.

E Pluribus Unum = Out of the Many, One.

Happy Independence Day, Thank You to Our Service Women and Men

Evanston, IL, July 4th, 2018 –  Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for the State Senate, wishes all a happy and healthy Fourth of July.  Joan, who is walking in several local area parades today stated, “Most important today is to thank our service women and men, both veterans and active duty, for their dedication and service, including the all too many who gave their lives so that we enjoy the freedoms we do.  We must also celebrate their families, for when one serves, the family serves.”

Joan stated, “Our country’s motto is:  E Pluribus Unum.  Translated from Latin it reads:  Out of many, one.” At the time, our thirteen colonies joined together to become a single nation.  I think it is a good reminder these days that we can, and should, all come together and work together for the better good. Now more than ever we need our political leaders to put partisan politics aside and reach across the aisle to work with each other.  First and foremost we are all neighbors and we all want a better Illinois.”

Joan closed by saying, “Be safe and enjoy the 4th, for we really do live in the greatest country, and we have all our Veterans to thank for this.”

9th District Illinois Senate Candidate Holds Evanston Fundraiser

Republican candidate Joan Lasonde was joined by former congressman Bob Dold in Evanston Thursday.

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Joan McCarthy Lasonde released the following statement on the family separation crisis and immigration (6-20-18):

“It is wrong to separate families, legal or illegal, and I call on this heart-breaking practice to stop immediately.  Whether it requires congressional action or an Executive Order from the President, our federal elected leaders must act immediately to return these children to their families and stop this separation from ever happening to more children again.

As related to this, two thoughts come to mind:

First, Congress must act to deal with illegal immigration as a whole.  This problem has been unaddressed for far too long.  Our country needs to find a way to help those who want to come to our country legally, to be able to do so.

Second, we have a similar, yet different problem, with children here in the United States.  Here in Illinois we have over 18,000 children in the state foster care system. These children have also been separated from their families, having done absolutely nothing wrong to suffer this fate.  These foster children in Illinois deserve our same outrage on their behalf, as long as it leads to action to find forever homes for these children.

As a foster mom, I advocate for these children lost in Illinois’ foster care system, and when I serve in the State Senate, I will continue to advocate for the over 18,000 children to help improve their lives.”


Joan McCarthy Lasonde, released the following statement in commemoration of Juneteenth (6-19-18):

“Today we commemorate that on this day, June 19th, back in 1865, the last slaves of African descent were finally freed two years after President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation executive order (January 1, 1863), when Union Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas after the end of the Civil War.

We celebrate this day, and we must continue to learn from our history, and recommit to making sure that no matter who we are or where we came from we are all created equal.  We need to respect each other and treat each other with dignity and kindness not in-spite of our differences in race, skin color, religion, gender or sexual orientation, but rather because of our differences.

It is unacceptable that modern-day slavery, exploitation and trafficking of humans still exists.  There is so much more for us to do to truly make all people equal, and today is a day to remind ourselves to not repeat the past and instead to make a concentrated effort to work towards being better neighbors dedicated to building better communities, better states, a better country and a better world.”


Illinois Has the Worst Overall Tax Rate in the U.S.

Laura Fine Voted Twice to Raise Taxes by Over 32%

Evanston, IL, June 7th, 2018 –  “With the close of the legislative session last week, taxpayers heard the door slam on their cry for lower taxes,” said Joan McCarthy Lasonde, candidate for the State Senate, District 9.  In 2017, Joan’s opponent, Laura Fine voted in the State House, not once, but also a second time after the Governor vetoed it, to successfully hike the personal income tax rate by 32% on our families.  The legislature, including Speaker Mike Madigan and Laura Fine, failed to reduce that 32% hike this year when they had the chance to do so.

Joan McCarthy Lasonde is “An Independent Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First” and in the State Senate her priorities will include reducing this and other tax burdens for the hardworking families in her legislative District.  Joan continued, “Everyone who lives here, and even those who have already moved out of the state because of our taxes, know taxes are too high for hard-working families. It’s not a surprise WalletHub declared us worst in the nation. But it is a distinction we should not be proud of.”

This past March, WalletHub, a personal finance website, compared state and local tax rates in the 50 states and the District of Columbia against national medians and found Illinois dead last, the worst among all states, plus Washington D.C.  (Source:  WalletHub.com, March 13, 2018)

Their study utilized five categories defining taxation impacts, assuming a median U.S. Household of $ 55,754.00 and they determined the “Effective Total State and Local Tax Rates on Median” households in Illinois is 14.89 percent” while the national average is 10.78%.  However, according to StatisticalAtlas.com the median income in Illinois is actually $ 88,300.00, over $ 32,000 more than the median in the Wallethub study, increasing the negative impact on Illinois taxpayers.

Joan McCarthy Lasonde closed by saying, “With the Madigan-Fine team now promoting the progressive tax in Illinois, it is clear the taxpayers in Illinois’ 9th State Senate District need a Senator who listens to their concerns and will fight to lower their taxes.  I will be that Senator, and I invite you to read more about my priorities for hard working taxpayers and families at JoanforIllinois.com





Lasonde has big ideas for bringing Illinois’ budget into check

by, Carrie Bradon, May 22, 2018

Joan McCarthy Lasonde, who is running for state Senate in District 9, is staunchly opposed to a proposed 1 percent property tax hike recently made by a trio of economists from the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago.  Read more.


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